I like speculative fiction that illuminates our problems, imagines better futures, and injects hope into our sad, weird, marvelous world.

Also, aliens.

She Swims

Robots & Artificial Intelligence Short Stories

Flame Tree Publishing, November 2018

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Description: 2B is a robot designed to collect trash. But all she really wants to do is swim…

"Another method by which 2B gauges her brokenness? Her dream. In it, she is skimming over the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Beneath her, miles of ocean-flung debris entwine as though coaxed into formation by some deranged Garbot demigod. But 2B resists the lure of the patchworked surface. She dives beneath. The moment her body touches the water, she transforms into one of the great trans-oceanic Filterbots. She stretches her mouth wide and inhales the ocean, filtering microplastics into her cavernous stomach. As her flippers trace bubbling pathways through the water, she glides at the regal pace of something very wise and very old. Fragments of colored plastics catch and prism the sunlight and 2B understands, for the first time, the concept of worship."