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Structural Problems meet Individual Solutions at Mayor’s Landlord Roundtable

Clarion Content, July 19 2017

"This exchange summed up the at-times fraught call-and-response between the Durham Housing Authority and the people it purports to serve: the DHA listed the ways it was trying. Community members responded with the ways it could do more. The DHA reiterated that it was trying. (Scott to Stevens: “We are at the mercy of regulations from HUD.”) And there, by necessity, the conversation came to a close."

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How 8 NC Businesses Are Fighting Back Against HB2

Candid Slice, September 26 2016

“You want the powder-puffed version?” asks Debbie Holt. “Or my real thought?” I’ve just asked Debbie, owner of Clyde Cooper’s BBQ in Raleigh, how she reacted when she first heard about HB2. “I thought it was absolutely absurd bullshit.”

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Traveler’s Tongue

Towerview Magazine, November 27 2012

"From Senegal to Kenya. Somehow, I hadn’t expected returning to be so hard. On the airplane, Swahili: cold hard pebbles spat into the intercom. So different from Wolof, sweet and strong in my mouth like tea."

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