Compelling, shareable website copy

When a professional photographer recruited me to write the copy for her website rebrand, she needed a powerful story that would attract future clients. I consulted with her twice to dig deep into her story and clarify her vision. After writing a first draft, I solicited her feedback and incorporated it into search engine-optimized copy that captured her energy and passion. She called it “a beautifully crafted narrative that tells my story exactly how I wanted.” 

Laura Hunter Website Rebrand


Hi! I’m Laura. I help businesses tell beautiful stories that spark conversation and create change. I’m a creative partner, a passionate storyteller, and a task-driven collaborator.


I specialize in transforming your business story into strategically crafted visuals. See how my photography, video, and animation services can fit your needs.


Learn what some of my partners have said about my work.

About Laura Hunter


Hi! I’m Laura, and I’m so happy you’re here.

I’ve been telling stories for most of my life, picking up a BA in Journalism and an MA in Interactive Media along the way (see my resume for more on that journey). I’m passionate about the intersection of different media, which is why I spent the last twelve years honing my skills as a photographer, videographer, and animator. I’m an unapologetic foodie, so I have a soft spot for all projects food-related. But I’ve also put my visual storytelling skills to work for schools, small businesses, nonprofits, newlyweds, and more.

I live in Durham, North Carolina and have worked with clients in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and all over the Triangle Area. I’m a creative partner, a passionate storyteller, and a task-driven collaborator. See why below, or reach out to start the conversation!

A Creative Partner

When we work together, I become an extension of your team.  I make the needs of your clients and your message my top priority. I listen to your story, learn how you want to tell it, and discover the small details of your business that make you unique. Then I get to work creating a visual story that your clients can connect to.

A Passionate Storyteller

I love piecing visual elements together to engage people and draw them into your story. Although I work across a range of media, I approach each one with an eye for detail and an intense focus on telling your story the way it deserves to be told.

A Task-Driven Collaborator

My clients often tell me that they are grateful for my meticulous attention to detail. I understand that you’re busy—that’s why I take charge of the creative process and keep it moving in a way that’s supportive and collaborative. First we talk so that I can learn more about your project’s specifics, which I turn into project deliverables, terms, and a timeline and budget. Then we connect again to dig into your story and identify next steps. From there, I immerse myself in the work. I make sure to send reminders, loop you into new developments, and keep you keyed into the process along the way. We go through edits as necessary, and then I present you with the final product—a beautifully curated, shareable vision of your work.

Ready to jump in? Contact me! Or, take a look at my services.

Video, Photo, and Animation Services


Your business is unique, and so are your visual needs. That’s why together we customize my services so that you can find the combination that best suits you. I’ve laid out some of my services below. Need something different from what you see? Let’s talk about it!


  • Website Hero / Banner Videos
  • Business Culture Promotional Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Product Feature Videos
  • Small Business Marketing Videos


  • Food Photography
  • Product / Brand Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Headshot Photography
  • Business Culture Photography


  • Logo Animation
  • Infographic Animation
  • Video Add-On Animation
  • Brand Animation for Digital Displays
  • Digital Menu Animation



Ravenscroft School in Raleigh

I helped Ravenscroft School deliver a complex message to its community in a simple, beautiful way.

The Challenge

Ravenscroft School had an important message for their community, but they needed help delivering it. In partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, Ravenscroft had developed a curriculum called Lead from Here. The program taught students real-world leadership skills, and had the potential to revolutionize the way students and teachers learned and taught. The school’s leadership knew that Lead from Here’s success depended on the buy-in of students, teachers, and parents. But they had spent so many years with the nuts and bolts of the program that they struggled to step back and communicate its value in a clear and compelling way.

The Solution

That’s where I came in. From the beginning, I brought the energy and fresh perspective of an outsider. I met with the school’s upper management and immersed myself in the culture of Lead from Here. I read marketing materials, sat in on meetings, and attended a workshop held by the Center for Creative Leadership. I listened to the program’s supporters, asking the questions that I thought community members might have. I broke down jargon into clear messaging and figured out how we could share the program’s key benefits.

Armed with a clear focus, I leapt into the fun part—capturing these big ideas on film. I coordinated a complex filming schedule as I interviewed students, teachers, and school leadership. I synthesized this content into an initial storyline, met with the school’s upper management to gather their feedback, and integrated their feedback into the final version.

The Results

The resulting four videos highlighted different aspects of Lead from Here and clarified the program’s mission to the Ravenscroft community. The school uses these videos on their website and social media and shares them during presentations at events for parents and new students.

When I am working with a client, I work hard to take on the role of team member and collaborator, rather than simply being an outside contractor. This attitude helped me excel at Ravenscroft—they trusted that I was driving their mission forward just as strongly as they were. As Jennifer Marchi, Ravenscroft Director of Marketing and Communications, put it, “Laura is a valued partner for Ravenscroft. With each new project, she brings creativity, talent and innovation. We are continually impressed with the work she delivers. Her attention to detail, ability to provide a high-quality product on time and to budget, and positive attitude are all reasons we love working with her. She goes beyond a creative collaborative partner—I would now consider her a friend.”

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Mati Energy in Durham

I highlighted Mati Energy’s healthy energy drinks using fresh fruit and lots of natural light.

The Challenge

As a small start-up, Mati Energy did almost everything in-house—including their product photos. When they rebranded the look of their cans, they wanted to capture their edgy new look with professional photos. Right around this time, I was enjoying a can of Mati in my kitchen. I liked the look of the can and loved the tea, so I staged a photo of it surrounded by its natural fruit ingredients. I shared the photo with Mati on Instagram, and they loved it so much that they hired me as their first professional photographer.

The Solution

With my product photos for Mati, I sought to draw out both the wholesome and edgy elements of their brand. By posing the drinks with their corresponding fruit flavors, I highlighted their natural ingredients and emphasized the company’s core value of providing a clean, healthy energy drink to its consumers.

The Results

Equipped with an array of professional photos, Mati Energy was able to advance their brand and invest in growing their business. Talal Asad, Mati Energy’s Growth Hacker, had this to say about our partnership. “What started out as a simple and elegant fan post turned into a great relationship. Laura Hunter takes impeccable photography and is a pleasure to work with, from setting up the shot to execution and all the customer service in between. We will be working with Laura for years to come.”

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Happy + Hale in Durham

I helped Happy + Hale pair their beautiful food with beautiful photographs.

The Challenge

The first step to restaurant success? Making beautiful food. The second step? Taking photos that make people want to eat your food. Matt Whitley, the owner of Happy + Hale, was making great food and snapping photos of it on his cell phone. He hired me when he realized that he wanted to take Happy + Hale’s photos to the next level. I created a diverse portfolio that reflected the quality of their food.

The Solution

I have collaborated with Happy + Hale to photograph culture shots, menu items, and photos for their website and social media. I sought to capture their healthy brand with light, airy photos that used natural sunlight. I photographed against a minimalist white background, putting their fresh food front and center.

The Results

The approach worked: Happy + Hale have used the photos across a range of media to drum up excitement for new products, revitalize their website, and promote their healthy food. Happy + Hale were already making delicious food—I helped give them the tools they needed to share their vision with the world.

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